Friday, November 15, 2013

Upanisads-a visual imagery

A  SOLO exhibition of veteran artist shri BALA DATT PANDEY from Allahabad, show titled “Upanisads-a visual imagery took place at Lalit Kala Akademi, gallery no-7, Rabindra bhavan, New Delhi-1, on 6:pm, sunday, 10th Nov 2013, 

Dr. Karan Singh (president of ICCR) Indian council for cultural relations, will grace the occasion as chief guest and after visiting the exhibition he impressed and said a most imaginative attempt to portray the eternal truth of the Upanisads through a series of paintings. Pandit Bala Datt Pandey has under bless a heroic task.   

Artist Shri BALA DATT PANDEY displayed 40 Number of paintings out of 100 he has produced on this series...Most of the paintings are in oil on canvases and few of it done on paper pulp and metal. A visual imagination on slokas, vedas of Upanisads of our Indian culture and heritage. It is a spiritual walk through the gallery. The artist is very strong and pandit of Vedas and slokas in expressing his idea with rich & colorful palette with his creative spiritual compositions. Bala Datt Pandey leaves an impression on every viewer “imagination is greater than knowledge” you will find after watching his paintings. It is beyond our imagination to understand his thoughts and we definitely feel that known is drop unknown is ocean to us. Show till remain on view till 16th Nov 2013.

BALA DATT PANDEY in his own words ….
In the present exhibition of paintings an effort has been made to visualize the spiritual aspect of the knowledge of the absolute. The painter here is enamored of the manifestation of divine. He is deeply wedded to our cultured heritage.

  Artist has deep feeling that man is part of those natural forces which are being created by some all pervading  celestial  being .as the circle is the metaphor of completeness, so emanating light is the  symbol of that creator ,life ,knowledge  and the centre of  the universe.

 The basic questions that arise are: who is the source of the power of such gods as Indra, Fire and Air? Who has created   them? Subtler then the atom and greatest of the great, This ’BRAHMA’ reside in the innermost recesses of our being .The humble but inspired painter feels that ‘Brahma’ is within him also. Here is an over whelming flash of bliss .It is as though he is spark of that light.

In the contemporary modern art and on the basis of the wisdom of the Upanisads his work is a humble attempt and, perhaps, it may add a new dimension to art. Our age old wisdom has provided frontality and meaning to the abstractions in my paintings.

The approach to reality and the comprehension can be many sided. Painting is the artistic execution that gives form to the purpose of creation .thus it is an attempt not the attempt .In the effort apart from the exhibited here in the exhibition so far the 80 paintings has been developed to unfold the soul mystery.

The Show will continue till 16th November 2013 at Lalit Kala Akademi, Gallery no 7, Ravindra Bhawan, New Delhi-1

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